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What Clients say ...

"Kim Staples has run Art Therapy sessions at every one of my seven retreats. Her session has been a pivotal part of each of my Weightloss Wellness retreats both here in Australia and overseas. The feedback we receive from Kim’s life changing sessions has been incredibly positive, some saying that her session was the highlight of the retreat.

Through Kim’s honest, caring and passionate commitment to helping people through Art Therapy I have seen firsthand transformations in people.  I can whole heartily recommend Kim, she is the best at what she does. Her knowledge and experience shows how empowering Art Therapy can be."



Annette Sym

Symply Too Good To Be True

Author/Publisher/Speaker/Retreat Facilitator


"I participated in an art therapy workshop facilitated by Kim Staples. Kim created a very warm and safe environment and was excellent at encouraging me to explore depths of myself that I have never before. Kim’s passion and creativity really helped me explore that side of myself. It was also a lot of fun playing with all the colours as well. I would highly recommend Kim’s art therapy to anyone as I found it to be a very positive and rewarding experience."


Rachel Hope


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