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Creative Reflections


onnect with your hearts desires. Love yourself for who you really are. Be your imperfectly, perfect self. You deserve to be loved and achieve your dreams.


emember to look into the mirror each day and tell yourself how fabulous you are. Self-love is the key to a happy and healthy life.


njoy the beauty in life. Take a moment each day to notice the small details, the beauty of nature, the colours, the light, the sights, sounds and shapes surrounding you in daily life.


ppreciate and admire the good qualities in yourself and others. Accept people just the way they are.


ry to let your hopes not your hurts decide your future.


ncourage yourself and others to reach their true happiness in life. Give thanks each day for all the opportunities, people and things that come your way. Achieve that special goal and most of all believe in yourself.


My love of the ocean , shells and the sand beneath my feet is portrayed in this painting
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