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Touching Hearts, Empowering Lives

Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life

- Pablo Picasso

Kim Staples Art of Life's mission is to support people to achieve, improve and develop healthy emotions through the arts, creating harmony in heart, mind, body and spirit

Creative Reflections Workshops

Kim Staples has facilitated workshops locally, interstate and overseas.


Contact Kim Staples to discuss your requirements for such a workshop.

Creative Reflections

 Kim Staples calls her art therapy - Creative Reflections - because it speaks the language of the unconscious mind, where unhelpful beliefs and patterns hold us back.


Art therapy is an expressive therapy that uses art and creativity to help people cope with emotional, mental, physical and/or developmental needs and disorders.  Based on the belief that the creative process of art is a healing mechanism, art therapy allows people to cope better with stress, work through trauma and grief, increase cognitive abilities and have better relationships with family and friends.


Kim’s passion for helping others began when she completed an art therapy certificate course and a lifeline telephone counseling course in 2008. Since then, Kim has worked with children, adults and people with disabilities. 


Kim believes that art therapy can help find the light at the end of an emotional dark tunnel. It is an incredible tool in the visual world of healing. Some experiences and emotions are beyond words. Art Therapy offers a way to overcome these fears. It can help release emotions that have been too unbearable to deal with. 


Kim’s art therapy workshops provide a safe and supportive environment to express those raw emotions that many of us find to difficult to talk about.  You will be left feeling lighter, and walk away with a unique artwork that is all your own. Numerous art materials are used in Kim’s classes: paint, paper, crayons, clay, pens, cardboard and craft items. 


No art skills are required just the ability to express from within.  It is suitable for all ages.  


Benefits of Art Therapy

Engaging in creative reflections may help you find solutions to the following -


  • lift depression

  • learn how to cope with disability and illness

  • release negative emotions and disorders

  • cope with domestic violence and abuse

  • take control of addictions

  • assist in family and relationship harmony

  • cope with grief, trauma and loss

  • strengthen self-worth

  • achieve general well being

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